Winter Road Trip – in 15 photos

When you think road trip, you think loud music blasting out the open window, sun tanned arms hanging out from the door, sunglasses and quick stops to jump in the sea.

Well, let me tell you that I did none of those things when I drove the south coast of Iceland in winter. It was more something like switching on the seat warmer, taking ten minutes to get ready to go out (a lot of layering involved), eating chocolate that froze up a little in the car to keep my energy level up and digging the car out of the snow at least once.

Was it cold ? Yep. Was it amazingly beautiful ? Yep.

You can expect a very long and practical post soon if you want to take that winter road trip, but in the meantime, let me make you want to drive in the snow (storm) with a few pictures from inside the car.

road car map snow

road frozen lake

road tracks snow sun

snow car road-22

road car sunrise-5

Dyrholaey coast car

car frozen lake

And all that snow looks beautiful in black and white also.

road car snow-2

Skaftafell glacier iceberg-2

volcanic rock

road car mist snow mountain

road mountain snow car

moss car road rock

car road snow-20

And I kept my favorite one for the end :

road car light roadtrip

Worth being cold for, right ? The cold never bothered me anyway.

You can pin any of these pictures, but I made you a nice one for your board anyway !

You can pin any of these pictures, but I made you a nice one for your board anyway !

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  1. This reminds me of 6 months of the year in Canada! But yes, snow absolutely has it’s place on the scale of gorgeous 🙂 Great pics!

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