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Do you want to know my secret for a light carry-on backpack ? It’s a little tin.

I’m not kidding, it’s my Lush square tin and the three pieces of soap inside. One of those pieces is from a Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, and I’ve already told you all about that. But what about the other two ? They’re solid, they smell good, they’re made from natural ingredients, guaranteed without tests on animals, they last forever … they’re coming from the Lush store !

Photo source.

Photo source.

I think Lush is downright amazing in everyday life, but for carry-on travel it’s even more of an essential !

So what’s in my tin ?

A piece of solid shampoo (Soak and Float).

I know it can seem surprising at first, but you just have to dip these round bars of shampoo in the water and they’ll lather really fast. Rub them between your hands and then work what’s on your hands in your hair like any normal shampoo and you’re good to go ! One bar lasts me about six months, so it far exceeds what any bottle of liquid shampoo could do !


A piece of moisturizer (King of Skin).

In hot countries, you can quickly find yourself using moisturizer several times a day. King of Skin is a solid bar of butter that you just rub on wet skin after the shower. It doesn’t make the skin glisten but it’s very efficient, the skin will stay soft and supple, even at the beach. One bar lasts me for about 40 uses, and it smells so great (the smell makes me hungry every time I open the tin).

A piece of warning though: in very hot countries, the butter can melt. Which means that it’s better to put it into its separate tin, where you’ll still be able to use it. Otherwise, it might melt all over your other products and make a big mess.


I cut these soaps according to the length of my trip and, paired with my Dr Bronner Soap, it all fits in my tin. Imagine what this little tin would have been instead : a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of body wash, a bottle of moisturizer, a tube of toothpaste and some laundry wash ! There was no way it would have all fit into my carry-on.

Plus, the big advantage with solid products is that you can take them with you on the plane without limitation and without the fear of finding them completely exploded on arrival !

You want to travel green and light ? Then travel Lush !

For your Pinterest board !

For your Pinterest board !

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  1. This is a great idea! I’m trying to use what I’ve got, slowly converting to green and no-waste methods before full time RVing in the next year!

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