The people of Nepal – in 25 B&W photos

In Nepal, I spent way more time focusing, and consequently photographing, people rather than landscapes. The people of Nepal have a warmth and a smile that I will never forget, despite the bad year they had just been through. I wanted to share some of these photos with you, and in my opinion black and white was the most appropriate choice, as it really focuses the eye on the human rather than the environment. Here are some of the faces I met during my travel, and still think of often!



Public school, Lalitpur.

school girl

Private school, smaller grade, Chitwan.

school class-1

Giving a talk at a private school.

school lunch lady

A lunch lady, selling bananas and freshly baked samosas!


Public school. These little kids were all alone here in the morning, not one adult in sight.


For the break, everybody rushes to the water.

school staff room-1

Staff room.


girl local

Little girl in the streets of Lalitpur.


At the fair, Kathmandu.

children road

In the country.

ecovillage road life buffalos

Early morning chat with the neighbors while the buffalos graze.

children soccer bored

A bored goalie.

woman roof local

From the roof of her house, she just called to me and asked me to take a picture. She didn’t even want to see it afterward.

boys local

Kids running after me in the country.


Boy and his grandpa.

newyear crowd-4

The crowd pulling on ropes in Bhaktapur for New Year.

woman dog work local

Women working in Kathmandu valley.


kitchen meal food

The whole family eating Dal Bhat for breakfast. Right hand only!

school uniform

Ready for school.

homework girl

Doing homework. This girl loved mathematics and was way ahead for her age.

family music

Making a music video with Dad.

mother day smile

Mother’s Day ceremony.

homestay sister local women

Two sisters running a guesthouse in Changunarayan.

monastery boys monks

Another kind of family: the monks live and learn together at the monastery.


Little monks looking at the beginning of a storm outside.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos and captions. Loved reading this!

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