No magic in Inverness, Scotland

Inverness is said to be the capital of the Highlands and a mandatory stop. I spent less than 24 hours in this city, but it was enough to say that there’s no magic left in Inverness and that I still don’t see one reason to stop by.

The famous castle of Macbeth is completely gone. In its place, another castle was made recently. From far away, you can see they didn’t even try to make it authentic. It has no character, is way too clean and the stones are almost pink. So, not really reflecting the fierce highlander culture in my mind …

castle of inverness-1

Most people come here to see the Loch Ness. When I arrived, I had spent the whole bus ride looking at the mysterious Loch, but I went for a walk around the Inverness part of it anyway. Here, it just looked like any lake in any city. There were some joggers and people walking their dogs. A really nice family park for sure, but that’s not really what I was looking for.

loch ness parc

There was a lot of tourists and the accompanying tourist shops selling the image of the Loch Ness monster on any product you could think of. At night, everybody puts on their shortest dress (girls do, I mean) to go dancing in the local clubs. I didn’t join in that, simply benefiting from the noise from my hostel bunk. I also found everything to be a little bit more expensive here, probably because of the flow of tourists.

no magic in inverness pin

To conclude, Inverness completely lost its authenticity, unlike Edinburgh, and I advise you to not go there, but rather to enjoy the Loch Ness from the east shore !

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