Myths about Green Travel

When I utter the words « green travel » in casual conversation, I usually find myself face to face with an expression of disbelief and deep suspicion.

Oh man, this girl is gonna give me the hippie-save the earth talk. Quick, look concerned.

If you just realized you’re doing that same face, relax. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show you right now that you can be green too, without any of the chores you think goes along with it.

Let’s say it once and for all, green travel is NOT :

Are you kidding ? I’m actually one of the more budget traveller I’ve ever met. I demonstrate it again and again on my budget guides. Most of the green options are also the cheapest ones : stay with locals, travel by bus, eat local street food, …

You might end up meeting some hippies, but don’t worry, nowadays hippies are not the smelly ones of the 60’s. I’ve met and talked to a lot of people doing their best to travel green, and they ranked from the young backpacker to the couple with kids. Just like stupidity, love of nature knows no bounds.

Well, what am I here for ? Truth is, some things are easy, like recycling or carpooling. If you’re not doing that already, that’s on you. For the hardest stuff, like finding the right places to stay or the right shoes, I’m doing my best to scout ahead and do all the work for you !

As green travel is spreading, even some luxury hotels become green. But even in a « normal » hotel you can do little things to help out. Plus, check out the rooms on Airbnb, some are not too shabby …

Green travel does not need to mean being surrounded by a forest or visiting a village that never heard of wifi. You can be green in the biggest cities in the world, just like at home, by changing these little things that I keep talking about.

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I’ll end this with a quote from the great Yann Arthus-Bertrand :
« Everybody is responsible for the earth and has to protect her at their own level. »

Convinced ? Read on !

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