Movies that will make you want to travel

Every month, I send my readers a newsletter containing one book and one movie recommandation. They’re always about travel, and always awesome (in my opinion anyway)! Here is the beginning of my best “Movies that will make you want to travel” list. I’ll update it every few months with my latest movie recommandations. If you want to get one a month straight into your inbox though, just subscribe at the bottom of the post! I’ll go get some popcorn.

Movies that will make you want to travel

  • DANCES WITH WOLVES, Kevin Costner


This western tells the tale of an Union Army lieutenant discovering the culture of a group of Lakota Indians. Buffalo hunt on the plain, friendly wolves and a soundtrack to die for. Beautiful and heart wrenching to know that this culture is now gone for good. Grab it here on Amazon!

  • INTO THE WILD, Sean Penn


Christopher leaves his whole life behind to try to reach Alaska with no money or papers. It’s a quest to find happiness through solitude (sound familiar solo travelers out there?). It’s said to be the ultimate travel movie, and … I kind of agree. Grab it here on Amazon!

Movies that will make you want to travel

  • SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, Jean-Jacques Annaud


This film shows the encounter of an Austrian with the very young Dalai Lama. A good introduction to Tibet, Buddhism and spirituality. Although the film was shot in 1997, the occupation of Tibet by China is sadly still of actuality. Grab it here on Amazon!


dj1 This film retraces the journey by train of three brothers through northern India to reach their mother. The occasion for the family to discover each other again and find spirituality (or not)! It’s funny, it’s colorful, and it’s a must! Grab it here on Amazon!

Movies that will make you want to travel

  • TRACKS, John Curran


I don’t know why this film is so unknown. It has two amazing (and famous) actors as leads and amazing landscapes. It tells the true story of the solo journey across Australia of Robyn Davidson, her luggage carried by four camels! Grab it here on Amazon!

Movies that will make you want to travel

  • THE FALL, Tarsem Singh


Roy, stuck in his hospital bed, tells a story full of adventures to a little girl with her arm in a cast. This film took four years to shoot and is using real places from all over the world. Each of these amazing sets is a bucket list item for sure! For example, do you recognize those crazy stairs? Grab it here on Amazon!


  • A MAP FOR SATURDAY, Brook Silva-Braga


This is the film I watch when I’m growing restless at home. In this documentary, Brook filmed his one year trip round the world. The strength of this film is in the people, Brook always digs deep in his interviews, asking them why they travel and how they feel about life on the road. It’s, in general, a really truthful view of what a backpacker life is like, I recommend it over and over and over! Grab it here on Amazon!

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