I saw Nessie in Scotland

That might seem weird, but one of my favorite part about traveling is taking the bus between destinations. 

You sit on the bench, waiting, still carrying the sweet and sour feeling of saying goodbye to the people and the city you’re leaving behind. And at the same time, it’s terribly exciting to not know where you’ll be and who you’ll be with in a few hours.

Once you’ve find your seat, the first shake of the bus sends a little thrill in your stomach, each time a little echo of the one you felt when you left home in the first place.

As I got on the bus between Fort William and Inverness, I thought I was leaving the wildness of the highlands behind me, starting the more « civilized » part of my journey. But there was no hint at all of anything civilized behind the window pane.

Instead, there was the Loch Ness.

The road was hugging the Loch the whole way. On the other side of the Loch, there was only mountains shrouded in mist.

This mysterious world outside the bus window seemed from another time, unreachable.

mist mountain tree

As the dark waters of the Loch moved slowly under the wind, I remembered reading that the Loch, although not very large, went really deep (230m). I wondered what it looked like down there, near the roots of the mountains, in complete blackness.

It was really easy to believe that there was something in these waters. The small heavy waves made by the wind (or something else ?) made it constantly look like a big body was just about to break the surface.

After a while of looking and immersing myself in these thoughts, my heart was skipping a beat at each wave, sure that I was about to see something coming out of the water this time. And I’m pretty sure I glimpsed a darker spot between two waves a few times.

That’s a feeling and a bus ride I’m not about to forget. In the end, I can’t be sure that what I saw was more than a shadow or a bit of floating wood (although the waters of this Loch are weirdly clean …), but since I’m given a choice, I’ve decided that I did saw Nessie in Scotland.

Although I had other points of view on the Loch Ness during my trip, this was the best way to enjoy it, away from cities and tourists.

Nessie in Inverness park.

Nessie in Inverness park.

In order to enjoy this magical ride, take the bus 919 (Scottish Citylink) from Fort William to Inverness and sit on the left.

I saw nessie in scotland pin

If you spot Nessie, give her my love for me !

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