How to pack a cruelty free toiletry bag

My toiletry bag is awesome. How do I know that? Well, first off it’s small, light, I can keep it in my carry on, with enough products to last me for months, and, believe it or not, there’s not a single animal that died or suffered in the making of it, which is more than 99% of toiletry bags can say.

I recently had a conversation with an adult that didn’t know that beauty products (along with most other products) were tested on animals. Once I told him that, he then answered something like “but it’s not really harming them, it’s just makeup …”. So I’m sorry that I’m about to get real here, but I feel the need to give you a few more details about how our hygiene and beauty products are tested on animals. If you’re picturing a fluffy cute bunny being gently shampooed in the middle of pink soap bubbles or patted blush on his fur, you’re dead wrong. They are covered with the stuff, fed the stuff till they get sick and die, burned with the stuff on them, and other awful things. They also live a life of slavery, of course. And as you probably know there also exists products who have animal fat in their ingredients. What a wonderful world.

In my toiletry bag, all the products come from brands who don’t test on animals (and who don’t buy ingredients that were tested on animals) and don’t put anything dead in the products themselves. I also try to find products made from reusable materials and with limited packaging.

Here is everything that goes in my toiletry bag, feel free to promote and buy, it saves cute little bunnies and a few trees.


I have a tin where I fit a piece of Dr Bronner and two pieces of Lush products, and I already wrote two posts just for them, so check them out for all the details. When I travel for a longer time and I need to bring bigger pieces with me, I use this wonderful box for my main Dr Bronner soap, very practical.


I use my Dr Bronner as toothpaste, along with this toothbrush from Terradent. Rather than buying a whole new toothbrush every month, you only have to replace the head with this one. So a lot less goes into the garbage, and all the materials on the head are easily biodegradable. It’s also cheaper and lighter to carry around!


I use this wonderful deodorant from Nature’s Gate (great brand, all their products are safe)!


I don’t really carry around make up, I’d rather look natural and it’s too much a loss of time in my opinion. The only things I have with me are a SPF 30 BB cream to hydrate and protect my skin from Physician’s Formula and an eyebrow pencil from e.l.f, which is a fine vegan brand for every day makeup.

Lip balm

In cold or hot countries, it’s important to keep your lips hydrated, so I always carry two balms, one with a light tint for the day, and a heavy one to repair everything at night, both from Hurraw, they smell de-li-cious.

Nail polish

I don’t usually take that with me, but I have some at home and I recommend the brand Nubar!


The lasts items are a nail file (you can choose a biodegradable one like this one), tweezers, a hair brush (not with real animal hair, I beg you), and a razor.

And that’s it folks, not one thing more!

Of course, those I only the products I use, you might need others depending on your needs. To be sure that you’re buying cruelty-free products, you can check out the Peta listings, or look for the Leaping Bunny logo on the packaging, it’s the only one that you can trust 100%.


If you have any recommendations on vegan cruelty free products you love, don’t hesitate to share on the comment section below, it might help somebody out!

And that's for your Pinterest board, share it for the bunnies!

And that’s for your Pinterest board, share it for the bunnies! Photo source.

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