Dr Bronner’s magic soap

It’s cheap, organic, cruelty free, fair trade, practical. What more can you ask of a travel product ?

If you’ve never heard of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, let me explain. It’s a soap that exists in liquid or solid form, available in several flavors (peppermint, tea tree, orange, almond, …), and has a grand total of 18 uses !

I don’t know about 18, but I do use the solid version of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap for a good number of things when I travel. I usually cut out a piece of the solid soap and carry it in a tin along with my solid versions of shampoo and moisturizer. This little tin and this soap is the secret of my ultra-light carry-on toiletry bag.

Let’s review the uses of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap :

Body Wash. The most obvious one, it lathers quickly and lasts a long time.

Shampoo. I’m not using it as a shampoo because my hair have a temper, but if you have short hair it should be perfect.

Face Wash. Works really great, doesn’t leave the skin dry or greasy!

Toothpaste. I’m always using it as a toothpaste when I travel. I recommend you take the peppermint flavor if you intend to do the same. The taste is unusual at first, but you quickly get accustomed to it, and you’ll feel as clean as with your usual toothpaste. To use it, just wet your toothbrush and rub it a little directly on the soap.

Shaving cream. I’d heard it worked well as a shaving cream for men, so I tested it on my legs, and it worked perfectly. It lathers a lot and doesn’t leave the skin dry.

Deodorant. I’ve not tested that out yet, but I think as it’s a little sticky I would not like it. I’ll get back to you once I’ve tried !

Laundry. I’m always using it to do hand laundry on the road ! The clothes are left with a nice neutral smell.

Dish washing. I’ve not used this very often and you need to have some kind of sponge with you on which to rub the soap first, but it works.

Other uses of the soap are mostly to clean your home or variations of what I already said. But, basically, you can do anything with it. Plus, as it’s completely made with natural products, you can use it in a river or anywhere without polluting the water.

Believe me, this is the kind of product that makes a huge difference in the weight of your backpack, it’s not an accident that every traveler uses it !

Grab it here !

dr bronner's magic soap pin

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