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  • I realize it’s not always easy for people to tell which are the activities not good for animals, especially in foreign countries with exotic wildlife. My main advice would be to try and compare in your mind what the animal in front of you looks like and acts like versus what it would look [...]
  • When I read in my guide book, under “Hogsback”, that this forest is said to have inspired Tolkien in the creation of Middle Earth, I didn’t need to know anything more. I highlighted the place in my guide book, and a few months later, following the road that goes ever on and on, I [...]
  • While Namibia might not be an easy country to travel, its beauties are well worth the effort! Here are my 10 highlights from Namibia, from North to South, and plenty of additional info on how to get to these places and where to sleep, so you can have an easier and all together awesome time in this [...]
  • I’d done a game walk before, which was both scary and amazing, but Etosha National Park in Namibia was my very first game drive. And this safari in Etosha delivered big time! I’d heard before that it was very easy to see animals there, and it was all true. You can’t drive 10 [...]
  • The red sands of Sossusvlei

    January 13, 2017

    It’s a study in contrast. It’s red and black and blue. The sky is so uniform it could even be fake. I feel lost in a Dali painting. The ant-like people are climbing up Dune 45 in the distance. Their footprints up the hill traced a caterpillar in the sand. This is Sossusvlei, this is the [...]