3 very good reasons why you should stop eating meat right now

I’m not gonna lie to you, becoming a vegetarian was really easy for me, but it might not be that way for everyone. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t think that it was wrong to eat animals. After years of crying over the ham in my sandwiches and sunday’s chicken and potatoes, I stopped eating meat altogether when I was a teenager.

For years, every time someone asked me about my diet, I’d say “but don’t worry, I don’t mind you eating meat, everybody should do whatever they want, it’s the natural food chain after all.” I didn’t know anybody else who was like me back then, I hadn’t ever made an internet search about the consequences of eating meat, I didn’t even know what tofu was. I was just trusting my instinct that it was wrong. I thought being a vegetarian was only an ethical choice.

Boy was I wrong.

I’ve learned so much since then, that I’m angry. Angry that anybody that has a choice is still eating meat. But I also know that, just as I was as a teen with my “ethical” diet, not that many people have the information I do, simply because they don’t know that they should look for it.

I also see a lot of people trying to “cut down on meat”. But I don’t think that’s the right solution. I think it’s like drug, you need to stop completely and go through a phase of withdrawal so that you can start feeling the beneficial effects. And believe me, they will come. Try really stopping meat for only two weeks, and you’ll feel like a different person, like you’re floating a little instead of being dragged down (this is not a metaphor, it literally makes you lighter).

So this is not about making you feel bad with pictures of animals about to be slaughtered. This is about giving you the informations you need. This is about showing you that you should stop eating meat. Right now.

1. Because we’re not supposed to.

What did they taught us at school ? That we were omnivores, like bears, that we ate both meat and vegetables. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that this is a big fat lie. Humans are 100% herbivores. Our body is built like a herbivore, our saliva is made for use on vegetables and, I’m sorry for the specifics, the length of our intestines is 12 to 13 times longer than our torso, like all herbivores.

Ever seen a lion with heart diseases or blood clots ? No ? That’s because they’re carnivores. There intestines are 5 to 6 times longer than their torso, like all carnivores, including bears, which enables them to digest meat faster, while us, humans, basically let that meat go bad inside of us. Tasty, right ?

Plus, I’ll point out that we have zero carnivorous instincts. Are you able to go out, catch something bare-handed and eat it raw ? If you do, I’d be really interested in seeing the pictures. Please.

Truth is, the only thing that differentiates us from other herbivores is our brain. Our brain enabled our ancestors to make fire and arms so that we could hunt and eat animals. But without that, who would have ever thought about trying to catch a mammoth barehanded ?

We’re not supposed to eat meat. Otherwise I would be really sick right now, like a wolf would be if he tried out a vegetarian diet (well I guess the wolf would be rather dead than sick after so many years).

2. Because it would end world hunger.

That’s right. Let me explain :

Imagine you have a village with 100 people living in it. There’s a field nearby that’s producing 100 servings of cereals each day (I know that’s not possible, just bear with me). But then, of these 100 servings of cereals, 90 are given to feed the 15 cows that are also living near the village. Because you need a lot more cereals to feed a cow than to feed a human. So the 10 servings of cereals are given to those who can afford it, while 90 villagers are going hungry. I know that you’re thinking : what about the cows, wouldn’t they be enough to feed everybody ? Well, the answer is no. Because there’s only 15 cows, it’s only enough for 40 people every day, sorry to the 50 people who got neither cow nor cereal, what can I say, life’s a bitch.

To sum it up and stop using imaginary villages, we produce enough cereals in the world to feed everybody. By giving this food to animals, and then eating the animals, we are just basically filtering our food, loosing half of it in the process.

If today, right now, everybody stopped eating meat, we would stop world hunger. Can you believe it ?

Do you realize the power you have ?

3. Because it’s wrong.

Let’s go back to that thing I said at the beginning : “the only thing that differentiates us from other herbivores is our brain”.

A long time ago, that brain enabled us to survive, when we needed to learn how to hunt in order to keep going. Through the ages, that brain did some great stuff and some horrible stuff, but it also gave us something animals don’t have : a conscience. To think and to know when we do right or when we do wrong.

That brain also gave us the power to empathize, but I told you I was not going to bore you with ethical reasons, and I’m not.

What I’m trying to get at is, now that I’ve given you this information, don’t you see how absurd it is ? To pen animals together like slaves, to endanger our own health, to eat babies (veal, lamb, …), to give all our human food away to animals, when we don’t even need it ?

That conscience that brains gave us, it ended slavery, it ended segregation, it powered every great feat by individuals, every great turn of history.

So I know it’ll soon be the end for this industry, for this absurd horror.

You, you know this is ridiculous, you know this is wrong, don’t you ?

So stop.

3 very good reasons why you should stop eating meat pin

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  1. I very much enjoyed this post. I have been cutting meat out of my diet for a while now and it has made me feel so much better in body and mind. I know that becoming fully vegetarian is going to be hard, but this post has given me all the incentive to go for it.

    All your points are very valid but, excuse my ignorance if this is untrue, I thought it was the consumption of meat that allowed our ancestors to grow such large brains. In no way does this mean we should carry on eating the stuff because, as you eloquently explained, we are not adapted to.

    • Thanks Daisy, I’m really happy that this post might help you on your journey to becoming a vegetarian!
      There’s a lot of hypothesis out there about why our brains got bigger than other animals, I haven’t seen the one about eating meat yet, and I’m by no means a scientist, so I can’t say what’s true or not. Eating meat definitely helped us to survive, but since it didn’t make any other carnivorous’s brains bigger, I don’t see why it would have done that for us, but again it’s just my opinion.

  2. Good article thank you. Just imagine the fact to think that 9 billion people dream about eating meat and the consequences that it would have on earth. Yeah it got crazy. It seems that eating meat makes you more agressive as well. More peace on earth without meat? That sounds like a political program, doesn’t it? Who dares?Philippe

  3. Going vegetarian is so easy! I did it 4 years ago and have never looked back. I agree with all your points, and would also add to point 2 that the phenomenal amount of land needed to feed all those cows also destroys the environment, and is one of the biggest contributors to fresh water shortages and to global warming!

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